Top Things Off

By: Calli Green

For generations, etiquette and art have been the driving force for headwear. Hats were not only created for uniforms, or to protect from the elements, but were an art form expressing fashion and lifestyle. We like to think we’re embracing that art form, and giving a new look to these unique vintage finds. This winter, top things off right with the perfect vintage hat for holiday parties, the perfect date night on the Plaza, or the flawless match to your winter coat.


Concept and Styling CALLI GREEN

Vintage Pieces RE-RUNS

IMG_0818IMG_0816IMG_0813IMG_0807IMG_0806IMG_080350s Beaded Pillbox Hat

An icon of the 1950s, the pillbox hat is elegant and refined. Through the years, it has been worn to fit any occasion, be it day or evening wear. The pillbox hat is always a go-to accessory because of its versatility. Ornate beading makes this look, a piece that can be easily dressed up or be worn with a simple look. Pair an ornate pillbox hat with your looks this winter as a statement piece.


40s Felted wool pillbox hat with veil

Worn straight or at an angle, the pillbox hat sometimes featured a net in the front, covering the eyes and, at times, the entire face. The pillbox hat, created in the ‘40s, became more ornate as time progressed. By the late ‘40s/early ‘50s, the hat was found at many price ranges, and in many styles. This hat was the most recognized and sought after hat for women during those decades. Because of the rich brown, this hat gives plenty of room for variety, to be paired with many options this winter. Pair your brown pillbox hat with a neutral coat, or your favorite vintage dress this season.

40s Straw Bonnet Hat With Veil

Elements of the Victorian era bonnet have peeked through in the ‘40s style bonnet hats. Because of the shape, and the way the hat sits on the center back of the head, the bonnet hat name came about. These hats usually have a small brim enclosed around one side, or a veil. This style is perfect for day or night. Designed with lightweight straw, and a lace veil, it is comfortable enough for all day wear, or to pair with a dress, and make a statement in the evening.

60s Felted Wool Brimless Cloche (Bell) Hat

The 1920s/’30s Art Deco style often influenced the styling of the cloche hat, and in some cases, accents were designed into the cloche hat to suit each individual. Some cloche hats were finished with a ribbon in the form of an arrow, indicating a woman was single, but that her heart was taken. A knot was a sign that the woman was married, and a colorful large bow was an indication that the wearer was single. When the bell hat made it’s later appearance in the ‘60s, modern accents like this leather strap were added for trend purposes. This cloche is very versatile and could be paired with just about any style this winter. Grab a brimless cloche in a neutral color to rock with some skinny jeans and booties, or your favorite scarf and flats.




60s Mink Fur Brimless Cloche (Bell) Hat

Derived from the French word “bell” because of shape, cloche hats made their appearance in the early 1900s and vastly evolved through the ‘60s. In the earlier years, cloches were made strictly in a bell shape, but as they evolved, we began to see them without brims and in many different fabrics. This cloche is perfect for our chilly Midwest winters, and the winter white fur definitely makes it stand out in a crowd. Pair a cloche hat like this with your favorite winter layers this year to stay warm and to stand out in the crowd.


40s Fur Cartwheel Hat

The 1940s cartwheel hats were created without much decoration. Most were made with straw and possibly adorned with a single ribbon. The 1950s versions were created with much more emphasis on less simplicity and more decoration, such as feathers and flowers. This hat provides a timeless look and is perfect paired with a simple winter dress. Pair a cartwheel hat like this with your dress, vintage or modern, this winter for a lightweight yet warm statement