Have an old Western shirt hanging in the back of your closet? You don’t want to put it in your giveaway thrift pile, but you don’t know when you’ll wear it in its current state? Or maybe on your last thrifty run you saw checkered number calling your name? Never fear. Grab your shears (and sewing machine) and redo it in true upcycling fashion. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to give that shirt a new spin so you can wear it again.

Step 1: Select a shirt with long sleeves and cuffs.

Step 2: Cut the sleeves off and zig zag around the arm holes.

Step 3: Cut off the cuffs and zig zag across the top.

Step 4: Lay the cuffs on the sleeve opening and sew down. You have completed the repurposed shirt.

Repurposed Western Shirt by Midge’s Closte @ TLC Thrifty Boutique.