Vintage Inspired Sledding – Tips & Tricks

Today sledding is a fun wintertime activity for family and friends to enjoy together but it actually originates from ancient times. Sleds were created for practical use in areas of the world that had consistent snow cover. They began by being used to transport materials and people with pulls for dogs or horses to pull the cargo. The history of sledding developed from practical use, to competitive and recreational. Sledding has evolved from a pastime, creating the feeling of embracing history. An activity others enjoyed before technology, bringing us back to our roots with a vintage sentiment. If you’re looking to enjoy a vintage inspired sledding outing this year here are a few tips to prepare!

Here are a few key components to planning the ultimate vintage inspired sledding outing:

1. Snacks

Proper sustenance is hugely important when planning to go sledding with friends and family. Packing snacks for the event is crucial to maintain energy during the exciting activity. The best vintage inspired, easy to make snack is popcorn. It can be made the old fashioned way over the stove with oil and popcorn kernels with a popcorn maker or in the microwave. Either way put in individual brown paper bags so everyone can hold their own snack between their covered hands.

2. Beverages

Hot cocoa is a wintertime staple making it the obvious choice for such a seasonal activity. Prep ahead and make creamy cocoa in a Crockpot. Store in a thermos and bring it to the hill with you! For adults over 21 grab a flask and fill with peppermint schnapps to add a kick to the otherwise family friendly beverage.

3. Knitted Outerwear

The best way to keep warm and maintain a vintage inspired fashion look is to wear knitted hats, mittens, and scarves. Knitted pieces are usually passed down by generations within a family. You can find these items in thrift or vintage shops. Find out if anyone in your family from previous generations enjoyed knitting and if any of the pieces were saved!

4. Location

Kansas City has a few well-known sledding spots that have the perfect size hills! The most popular include: KC MO: Suicide Hill, Brookside Park (56th & Brookside Rd), Avila University (119th & Wornall), Loose Park (55th & Wornall), Grandview MO: Behind High Grove Elementary School (2500 High Grove Rd) KC, KS: Wyandotte County Lake Park (91st & Leavenworth Rd) Leawood: Leawood Pioneer Library (117th & Roe), Overland Park: Jewish Community Center (115th & Nall).

Important Safety Sledding Tips:

• Sled during the daytime. This is important for visibility reasons. If you can only get out in the evenings then be sure the hillside is well lit especially if near hazards such as fences and trees.

• Always ask for permission before sledding on private property.

• Find a hill that has a long flat area at the base to more easily glide to a stop.

• Best to not sled near streets, trees, or fences for safety reasons.

• Sled when snow has fallen, not ice. ^

The Gourmet Glamping team, Lauren Hedenkamp and Sarah Terranova, became fast friends in Italy. They met studying in the same art and photo program and bonded quickly over their love of art and food. Lauren’s vintage camper Ellie serves as the backdrop for Gourmet Glamping.