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Local Distillery: Lifted Spirits

Local Distillery: Lifted Spirits

Not Your Daddy’s Whiskey New Crossroads Distillery Crafts Artisanal Spirits in Renovated Stable Words: Rhiannon Ross In the late 19th century, at 17th and Cherry Streets, the yeasty aroma of bread rising from the corner bakery permeated the pre-dawn air and mingled with the pungent odor of delivery horses waiting in the two-story, red-brick stable across...

10/7/2015 :: Birthday Shenanigans

Happy Wednesday friends! This past Monday I celebrated my 34th birthday. Celebrated meaning I spent the morning with my son’s Kindergarten class at the KC Pumpkin Patch. I like to live it up. But AFTER those shenanigans, my darling husband of 12 years (if you’re doing the math, I was totally a young bride who...
McGrade Wedding at Weston Red Barn Farm

McGrade Wedding at Weston Red Barn Farm

The McGrade wedding takes over the beautiful surroundings at the Weston Red Barn Farm, Weston, MO.
Tao Home Tour Shawnee, KS

Tao Home Tour Shawnee, KS

A tour of the regal and elegant home of Margaret Tao, Shawnee, KS.

Vintage Girls Fashion

Photos by Layne Haley Photography

Holiday Decorating

By Deb Vogler Since this is the time of year for sharing I would like to share with ya’ll some of my favorite holiday decorating ideas. Remember a few basics when decorating your home for Christmas: Take the opportunity to do some basic cleaning. Don’t hesitate to rearrange furniture; you may even need to move...

Neon Spray Painted Jewelry

By Calli Green As seen in the fall 2012 issue of VintageKC magazine. Although I am a sucker for vintage jewelry, I have to face the facts that by the time pieces within my budget get to me they are usually worn out, broken, discolored by age and time, or in colors that just shouldn’t...

Revamp Picture Frames

By Kirsten Hudson When it comes to adding vintage style to your home, think inside the frame. The picture frame, anyway. Dressed up with a coat of paint, these decorating must-haves can easily lend a chic, vintage feel to a mantel, side table or wall. Vintage picture frames in all styles and sizes are easy...

Summer 2012 Home Color Trends

By Deb Vogler, Comfort by Design Chocolate brown is on its way out. Even though brown continues to be a go-to color, consider mocha or cinnamon—think spices. Tangerine Tango is the hot new color for 2012. Pantone describes it as “an orange with lots of depth. It marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with...