DIY Wedding

Kristen Schuler comes from a long line of DIY-minded women, so DIY-ing her own wedding was a no-brainer!

VKC: Why DIY? 

Kristen: My mind automatically goes to DIY when I have a task at hand. I come from a long line of DIY-minded women. We wanted a unique wedding that fit our personalities and our budget. My husband was very involved in the planning process. He focused on the logistical planning and I primarily focused on the DIY décor.

VKC: What feel did you want for your wedding? 

Kristen: I was looking for a timeless vintage feel but wanted it to be very simple, casual and relaxed. I think we pulled it off!

VKC: What project was the most fun? 

Kristen: I loved making the kissing balls that lined the aisles. I asked that in lieu of gifts, my bridal shower attendees come prepared to cut 100s of little fabric circles that would eventually be assembled into the decorations. We had so much fun doing it and knowing that my friends helped to make them made the decorations that much more special.

VKC: The most challenging? 

Kristen: We live in Kansas City but the wedding was in Branson, MO. There were a lot of challenges with transporting the supplies from region to region. We have family in the Springfield, MO, area so we were able to drop-off some items ahead of time.

VKC: The easiest? 

Kristen: Choosing the music. We both made a short list of songs that we wanted to hear during the ceremony and the reception. My husband was a wedding DJ during college so he handled this task with exceptional ease. We also had so many friends that offered to help out. My friend Sarah made 100s of macaroon cookies as well as our wedding cake. My other friend Amy lent her vocal and ukulele skills during the ceremony. Several other crafty friends chipped in and helped with various aspects of the day.

VKC: The most inexpensive? 

Kristen: While the food was definitely a major expense, we spent much less than most people do by serving Pizza Hut at the dinner. It was truly one of the best decisions we made. It was a hit with our guests (who are still talking about it) and it kept the playful and casual vibe flowing.

VKC: The most expensive? 

Kristen: Renting out the winery and paying for the tent were some of our top expenses.

VKC: The most surprisingly time-consuming? 

Kristen: My mom was a professional seamstress when I was a little girl. She made wedding dresses and prom gowns that were very detailed and mind-blowing. I knew that she had been waiting to make a wedding dress for one of her daughters for the past 30 years. I found a pattern for a simple dress online and mailed it to her. She ordered the fabric and turned the simple dress into the wedding dress of my dreams. She lives about 5 hours away so we did the dress in stages, doing fittings during holidays and family gatherings. It was very time consuming, but it was a very special experience to have my mom make my dress.

VKC: What was the best part of your wedding day? 

Kristen: Walking down the aisle and seeing my husband-to-be standing at the altar. Seriously, I can’t even explain that feeling and it literally took my breath away.

VKC: Did your wedding turn out exactly how you envisioned? 

Kristen: Though our vision of the wedding day really changed throughout the planning process, in the end, the wedding turned out to be much of how we envisioned it. It was absolutely the most wonderful day.

VKC: What advice would you give to other DIY brides (and grooms!)? 

Kristen: It’s important to know when to say “when” with the DIY. Know that there will be things that you will have to buy or delegate. Avoid the goal of a 100-percent DIY wedding, but focus on the small touches that you can add buy doing some things yourself.