By Calli Green, editorial/fashion assistant

Materials needed:
straight pins
pillow case
stretch lace
matching thread
sewing machine
seam ripper

1. Decide how long you want your gown to be. You can measure the child from the chest down. Cut off excess pillow case at the closed end, making that end now open.
2. Hem or zig zag stitch the raw edge.
3. Measure around child’s chest, not too tight, add 1″ for seam allowance and cut a piece of stretch lace in that length.
4. Measure the length from the bottom of the child’s armpit to the top of the shoulder, double that and cut two pieces of stretch lace in that length, these will be the straps to the gown.
5. With right sides together, sew the edges of your long piece of stretch lace, using 1/2″ seam allowance. Set aside.
6. Sew two rows of basting stitches across each side of your cut edge. (basting stitch: largest stitch length on the sewing machine)
7. Pull the threads that came from the bobbin to gather the top of the gown. (bobbin thread: the thread that is more than likely on the inside of the pillowcase after sewing, and is the thread that fed from the bottom of the sewing machine, not the top through the needle)
8. With side edges matching, pin your gathered pillowcase under your sewn piece of stretch lace. (remember make sure the raw edges of the sewn together stretch lace is going to be sewn in towards the pillowase, and will not show on the final product). Stitch the lace right next to the bottom edge onto the pillowcase with the stretch zig zag stitch. (Stretch zig zag stitch: should be the “fanciest” zig zag option on the machine, it has more detail than the other choices).
9. With your seam ripper, you may need to unpick your basting stitches (now that the lace is sewn on) to allow for stretch. Make sure you are unpicking the basting stitch, and no zig zag stitches.
10. Flip the gown inside out, if it isn’t already, and pin the stretch lace to be used for the straps in place. It should be pinned exactly at the edge of the stretch lace that is sewn on and should be pinned in the same place on the front and back.
11. (still using a stretch stitch) Sew your straps where they are pinned and make sure your thread matches the lace. After sewing turn the gown right side out.
12. Add embellishments if you’d like and you’re done!