The KC Icon Collection

Contributing Artists: Heidi Herrman (designer), Steve Gibson (photographer) and Amina Marie (milliner); KCFW photography: Jason Atherton

On Sept. 26, Kansas City Fashion Week’s runway was full of beautiful garments, but one collection in particular caught our vintage eye. The KC Icon collection by Designer Heidi Herrman, Steve Gibson Photography and Amina Marie Millinery, paid homage to Kansas City while showcasing all the vintage wonder our city has to offer.

The collection features local landmarks such as: Union Station, familiar Kansas City fountains, the Scout statue, the TWA Moonliner II rocket, the famous “Shuttlecock” lawn art of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the structural lines of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the Kansas City Power and Light building and the very recognizable Western Auto sign.

These artists gave the perfect nod to historic Kansas City, in the most fashionable way. And get this; as if we weren’t wooed enough, our hearts did beat a little quicker when we learned there’s more! Part 2 of this collection debuts in November, and we can’t wait! As always, we love our city, we love fashion, and we love vintage. We are ever so thankful to those who look through the same lense as we do.

“The KC Icon collection is all about the beauty Steve and I see in the urban landscape that is Kansas City. Our collection is a kind of poetic ode. The inspiration came to me from an instagram picture of the power and light building and from spending many days and evenings watching the city from my Bauer studio. The fabric prints are reconstructed photos that allow the viewer to recognize but see the icons in a new light. The fabrics are digitally printed and are made of 100 percent natural fibers.” -Heidi Herrman

For more on this collection, visit heidiherrman.com.