How to Host a Vintage-Inspired Tea Party

Spring is party season! The temperatures rise, while the sun and rain rival providing growth and greenery, inspiring creativity! Many events are hosted in spring time such as baby showers, bridal showers, and mother’s day, where a vintage inspired tea party theme can provide an extra level of glam and fun for your guests. In order to host a vintage inspired tea party there are few key factors that must be incorporated to make the theme a success such as the food, tea, vintage utensils, and presentation. If you follow these few suggestions then guests will feel the thoughtfulness from the host and enjoy themselves even more!

The Food:
When it comes to a tea party its all about small foods that can be enjoyed while talking and drinking tea. The traditional tea recipes always include a cucumber sandwich, scones, and something sweet. To create a twist on the classic cucumber sandwich, find some nice pumpernickel bread slice it into four triangles by cutting an X into the bread. Then spread boursin cheese on the bread, top with a sliced cucumber and some fresh dill. This cucumber sandwich not only has a beautiful presentation but also tastes delicious and is easy to hold while drinking tea. The next menu item that is a must is croissants or scones. These are traditionally enjoyed with clotted cream and jam. Lastly, the menu should include some kind of sweet. It can be chocolate or just some pre-made small bakery items. Keep the menu easy for yourself so you can have more fun with décor.


The Tea:
Typically for a traditional high tea the tea that is consumed is either Earl Grey or English Breakfast Blend. These are great black teas that are usually universally enjoyed. If you want to change it up find a tea that contains some floral notes such as hibiscus or lavender. If you decide to do that make sure to have a label on the teapot so guests know their tea options.


The Vintage Teapot:

Beyond the menu, the most important décor item to host a tea party is the vintage teapot. Find as many as you can through your family and friends. If you run out of luck there, check out any vintage or antique shop, there will definitely be a teapot. Pick up four or five, depending on the size of your tea party. You will want the variety so you can use them in décor along with having them to serve tea to guests. Create floral arrangements inside the teapots and set them around the room, where points of conversation will be had, and use the largest teapot as a centerpiece with the food.

The Vintage Teacups
The next décor items to acquire are vintage teacups and saucers. Mix and match with many different patterns and designs. That way if you don’t have a full set from your grandmother it doesn’t feel like you’re falling short. Beyond drinking tea from them, teacups can also be used in décor with floral or putting mints inside for guests to enjoy as well.
Get creative!


The Tiered Presentation:
The last trick for creating a vintage inspired tea party is through a tiered presentation. Traditional high tea incorporates a three-tiered arrangement to showcase the three key menu items, sandwiches, scones, and sweets. Finding or owning a three-tiered piece does not matter you can get creative and find old vintage plates or cake stands. Stack the plates with glass, silver or teacups between them to create a tiered effect. The tiers do not have to add up to three it can be smaller. This will showcase the menu items creatively, while continuing the tea party theme.

Follow these small and easy tips, be creative, and have fun with the décor and menu and your vintage inspired tea party will be a success!

WORDS – Lauren Hedenkamp  • PHOTOS –  Sarah Terranova