Good Witch/Bad Witch Fashion Show

By Calli Green, fashion director
Contemporary lingerie by The Girls; Vintage/contemparary pieces by Loft Vintage/The Royal Relic
Photography by Sarah Terranova Photography

On Oct. 30, 2015, The Royal Relic in Harrisonville, MO, paired with its upstairs boutique, Loft Vintage, and local contemporary lingerie shop, The Girls, for the “Good Witch/Bad Witch/Which one are you?” runway show. The show consisted of vintage cover-ups and kimonos with modern lingerie that had hints of vintage inspiration. The models came in every size imaginable to give a genuine experience for all in attendance.

During the show, music welcomed each model to the runway, while guests scoped out their favorite pieces to purchase after the show. After the first lingerie line walked the runway, there was a mini celebration in which models released balloons, and wheeled out a vintage cart full of small cupcake shaped boxes. Each model handed the boxes to those in attendance. Inside were panties as a gift for each member of the audience. What a great touch to be remembered! During each following intermission, dance performances kept the audience entertained.

During the final walk, models took the runway together, covered in paper marked with negative body image comments. The comments were all too familiar for the female crowd. Comments like “fat” and “frizzy hair” brought guests to their feet in a standing ovation. Models ripped the paper capes from their bodies, revealing the final look that left guests cheering. The symbolic moment was very powerful for women to see during a lingerie show, and was the perfect way to close the show.

After the show, long lines to purchase each piece proved “Good Witch/Bad Witch/Which one are you?” to be a great show. Details are always what sell shows for the Royal Relic/Loft Vintage ladies. Gift bags for guests are filled with treats to take home, and there is always a unique way of using vintage pieces (even a vintage cart filled with goodies) that makes the attendees feel important. Congratulations to the ladies of The Royal Relic, Loft Vintage and The Girls for another sold out fabulous show!