By Nancy Hull Rigdon

I bought this frame thinking I was going to make it into a chalkboard.

Then I scratched that idea and meant to do a frame-within-a-frame project. That didn’t happen. In the end, I used chicken wire to display photos with the frame. I must confess: I wound up with this third choice because it seemed like the simplest option. Now for a brag: After taking the easy way out, I feel like I redeemed myself by digging up my grandma’s pretty clip-on earrings and the decorative hairpins I wore at my wedding and using them to clip photos to the wire.

Besides a frame, you’ll need a few items:
– Chicken wire. I found a 24-yard roll for $6 in the garden section of a hardware store. (I doubt I used more than a yard, but this was the smallest
roll available.)
– Wire cutters
– Staple gun
– Work gloves (Not necessary, but it was nice not to worry about pokey wire.)

Attaching the wire to the frame is pretty straightforward. Roll the wire out on the back of the frame, cut and staple. I put down two layers of wire by folding the wire sheet once before cutting. Since the back of the frame will be hidden, this is flaw-friendly work.

Configure the wire and staples to construct a built-in wall hanger.

I was going to buy some mini clothespins to clip the photos to the wire before remembering my grandma’s clip-ons and the hairpins. They had been sitting in a jewelry box for the last few years.

It makes me happy to give these sparkly and sentimental things new life. If you look around your house, you too might discover items with clip potential that are waiting for their next purpose!