The Jet Set

The 1950’s and 1960’s was deemed the ‘Golden Age of Travel’ when global travel was first made possible to the elite. TWA, a major international figure in aviation at the time, was headquartered in Kansas City. Kansas City socialites could now travel across the country, or to foreign lands.

Travel was expensive and a luxury that one would dress up for. Jet setters would shop at The Jones Store in downtown Kansas City where they could purchase the latest trends in travel attire. Boarding a plane in the Midwest and waking up in the U.K. to witness the “Youth Quake” fashion revolution, had some jet setters flying back to showcase their mod fashions on U.S. shores.

Not only were women of status traveling, but middle class women began careers as stewardesses’.  Only the young and beautiful were hired to be the hostesses of the skies. The golden age of flying was an era of opulent design and everything from the look of the cabin to the stewardesses’ uniforms were created by some of the world’s best designers, making the idea of flying the friendly skies even more chic.

Along with Yowza Vintage store in Bonner Springs, KS most of the fashions shown here are from the collection at Johnson County Community College. The JCCC Fashion department is fortunate to house an extensive historical collection that is available as a resource for students to gain inspiration, appreciation and knowledge about how fashion has evolved over the last century. More of the JCCC renowned historical fashion collection will be shown on April 27th 2018 at their annual fashion show.

JCCC Collection 1960s
Normal Norell pink coat

JCCC Collection 1960s
Normal Norell wool cream coat

JCCC Collection 1960s
Norman Norell red wool dress

JCCC Collection 1970s
Geoffrey Beene silk satin black dress

JCCC Collection
Teal Traina 1950s silk checkered jacket
with black wool dress