Old & New

Spring is the perfect time to add pops of color back into your wardrobe. When the season changes, we love adding hints of the new colors of the year. We’ve grabbed some of our favorite vintage fashion finds and teamed up with local designer Heidi Herrman to showcase her new Spring Collection. We are sure these pieces will turn heads and pull together any look this season.

Photos Jenny Wheat, Jenny Wheat Photography

Designer Heidi Herrman
Hair Ashley Halewood, Ash Haze Beauty
Makeup Ashley Nelson, Ashley Nelson Studios
Models Chandler Estelle, Caitlyn Barry, Voices&; Sam Laffin, Shelby Dominguez
Milliner Amina Hood

Mixed Media Artist & Fabric Designer Katrina Revenaugh
Concept and Styling Calli Green & Heidi Herrman

Vintage Pieces Vintage Vogue Apparel

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About the Designer

VKC: Why/when did you start designing?

Heidi: I would say that my first true design collaboration was with my mom when I was about seven on the design of my first communion dress. I learned to sew at a young age but it wasn’t until junior high that I started to see that sewing could provide me with a creative outlet. The first skirt I draped was draped on myself using an iridescent satin from a thrift store. Needless to say, it didn’t fit very well. At the age of 14 I discovered vintage clothing at a small shop in downtown Wichita. I would go there every chance I could get and would spend hours trying on dress after dress. I believe that these visits had a profound effect on what I choose to design for the Heidi Herrman line today.

VKC: What’s your design history?

Heidi: My design history is a bit all over the place because my primary career path within the apparel industry was in children’s and juniors sportswear. While living in New York (1998-2005) I was able to gain a wealth of experience within the industry because I chose to be a freelance graphic and clothing designer. Besides the jobs that I have had within the industry, the Heidi Herrman line/label is a new endeavor. My line is quite different, aesthetically, than any product I have worked with in the past. I think that for me, it is important to keep my design heart close and to make my living designing and advising on a product that is very different from where I find the depth of my inspiration. That being said, I do believe that the Heidi Herrman line will support me fully in the future.

VKC: Where has designing taken you (geographically and in terms of success)?

Heidi: I have been fortunate in that I have been able to travel to many unique places with my employers. South Korea, Thailand, Barcelona, and Munich are amongst my favorite business trips. In terms of success, I have been fortunate in that I have played a contributing role in the growth and success of quite a few American Apparel Manufacturers. I have a great deal of knowledge about design and the manufacturing processes of apparel. I have traveled because I have learned how to make things better and have proven to be a valuable asset to the companies that have employed me.

VKC: What inspires you?

Heidi: I think at the base of my inspiration is a want and a need to create beauty. I am profoundly influenced by silhouettes of past eras, all forms of sculpture, color, print and texture. I find that my most inspired thoughts come when I travel.

VKC: Do you have a signature piece/

technique/design that is recognizable as the Heidi Herrman label?

Heidi: I excel at tailored wovens. I love to use unique prints and I am partial to dresses and skirts.^

For more information, visit heidiherrman.com.