Elements and Vocation

Your 10th house sign will naturally challenge your personal growth shown through your Sun sign. 10th Sign Relationships give many clues in your vocation and your role in the community.

Fire (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)
The boss of the fire element is earth. This controller checks your financial ledger and tells you to create a business plan for your vision. All the enthusiasm in the world won’t make your earthy boss invest until their either something on paper or consistent tangible action. Fire and earth are individualistic elements, the former driven towards expansion and passion, the latter lives pragmatically and conserves.

For example, no matter how improvisatorial and charismatic Aries may present themselves, Capricorn has the answers ready to present, ready to be tested by the experts. Aries gets you in the door marked “Do not Enter,” it is Capricorn that has the info and knowledge that allows you to remain, and better yet, be respected. Aries lives to be extemporaneous and when confident, taking risks is a way of life. Capricorn, as their boss, supplies a bit of caution and know how. Aries wants respect and Capricorn provides the endurance and ambition to make their mark on the world.

Leo must shine. While Aries’ pride shines from being an individual, Leo’s pride is through completed tasks requiring discipline and self-determination. Taurus as Leo’s 10th connector gives practical substance to what Leo desires to present to the world. Taurus will not allow Leo to simply jump onto the world’s stage without a realistic plan; the amount of substance depends upon the focus on their inner desire to express authentically versus a desire to be seen. When attention is desired without any discipline, you can bet there is little to no self-esteem remaining.

Sagittarius folk are to learn philosophies that are founded upon ethics and transparency. They can sell, promote or market anything because of their vision. The Boss/Gatekeeper of their entre into in their chosen communities is Virgo/Taurus, both earth signs. Virgo dissects Sag’s vision for practical use.  Their humility tempers Sag’s potential toward arrogance.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)
The boss of the earth element is air. No matter how methodical and grounded your presentation, you want to be recognized for what you know. You also desire to be known as reasonable and intelligent.  Your social accomplishments, your networking abilities and your apparent long-suffering with “characters” or “personalities” are central to your reputation and vocation. The power of having a vocation connected to the air element makes for detachment and neutrality when dealing in the world of business, status and authority. You’d like us to know how much you’ve volunteered or given to certain causes and how forward thinking you are. We need your air controller to act as referee or mediator in our working communities to keep everyone getting along to accomplish long-term goals based on teamwork.

When Taurus’ well-known stubbornness to their own narrowly defined values, Aquarius comes in to symbolically blown their minds open with the latest discovery or another way to look at their reality.  Rarely does Aquarius confuse personally held truth/values (Taurus) with universal ones (Aquarius). Through opening Taurus’ mind, their solid hearts are soon to follow. In an ideal world, the line between what’s personally and collective owned is blurred. Living a life that includes concern for others is a value that expands Taurus’ world and experiences.

Virgo must help. “May I help you?” runs through their humble souls. Gemini speeds up their minds by freeing Virgo from making presumptions about other people’s moral. You see, the Virgin needs to be lightened up to consider perspectives outside of its value system or work ethic. Gemini knows that thoughts are neither moral nor immoral, it helps Virgo ask questions to know when to serve or not and when to think in a more relativistic or not.

Capricorn is the sign that is most closely associated with the 10th connector, our social persona, reputation and role we play in our public life. To check this impulse is the most neutral sign of Libra. The only sign that has no animal or human attached to it. The scale of justice who is for depicted as blindfolded. Cautious Cap must learn how to take their life and their public role under advisement, weighing which groups they want to belong and which ones to mediate or both.

Air (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)
The boss of the air element is water. Flowing, cleaning and unifying element of water brings the community together in celebratory ways. You’d play the role of support and compassion in any group.  When your anxieties are quelled, you are morale builder. You make sure everyone is included, and each feel welcomed. When you are insecure about your placement at work or in your community, you can project an intractable or cold mask as a defense mechanism. When this happens, the work environment can become backbiting, even hostile. Strangers tell you their secrets because you make them feel as if you’re not sitting in judgment. You want to be recognized for your compassion and intellectual sensitivity, even if you appear like you are indifferent. When it comes to vocation, supportive behind the scenes service is necessary, even when we are misbehaving or being petty.

Gemini can easily present a seemingly logical story based upon the facts. However, Pisces check logic with long held beliefs and faith, which can distort one’s perception of the facts, even ignore them altogether. Emotional truths can inspire loyalty in ways that facts cannot. Pisces, as their boss, allows hope, belief, goodwill and other emotional virtues to become reality defining. Through Piscean doubt, a true investigation into what is reality can occur.

Libra needs Cancer to use its subjective instincts when dealing with the community and its status within it. The mask of the peacemaker must be balanced with its highly sensitive societal persona. Yet, this double receptivity to environment and career can make a Libra blow with prevailing societal winds. Relationships can take on more importance to destabilize them.

Aquarius lives at the intersection of personal liberties and social responsibilities. Where do I belong?  Typically, they question authority and leave their families to search and experiment with life on their terms. Their tenth connector is Scorpio, the second most rebellious sign of the zodiac, after the water bearer. Scorpio teaches Aquarius self-control in groups, a silence when speaking to those who have more power. Trusting their gut-brain when in public life can make the difference between freedom and being outcast.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)
The boss of water is fire. Your personal mask or ego is based on softening life’s harsher edges, providing a safe, nurturing space to grow and connect. Your social persona and vocation thrives on pioneering action, vision and individual responsibility. When you have a fiery controller, you have a healthy imagination coupled with a confident belief in life’s ever-changing possibilities. We see whom you are, what you intend or will and what you see for our collective future. In your shadow, you can sometimes reach beyond your skills only to descend into some deep, dark depths. However, with a moderate perspective, you need to be recognized for your creative and spirited accomplishments can inspire the rest of us to act on our loving impulses to make our world and communities a better place.

Cancer has a protective shell over their vulnerable and sensitive inner workings, privacy is a must particularly when they involve those they care about or love. Aries, as a 10th connector to Cancer, projects an instinctive warrior’s courage to larger societal issues and communal/corporate connections.  There is strength of will once Cancer has found its place in the community. These sensitive souls are inventive, imaginative and when they tap into the Aries’ fire, there is pioneer that awakens those of us who are lucky enough to be in association with them.

Scorpio must look under the hood and kick the tires, symbolically speaking, through all its human relationships. This living in the psychological darkness has it social and communal persona through the sunny concentrated fire sign of Leo. When shadowy and liminal Scorpio chooses to join its career from a heart-centered perspective exhibiting demonstrative and dignified joy, the community’s skies open all feels bathes in their transformative spirit. In this day, Scorpio becomes true leaders of those in the light and dark.

Pisces can hide out in the gray areas, blending in and procrastinating on major decisions. A living in the physical world while holding down their more fanciful utopian ideals is protected social by blunt, observant and storytelling Sagittarius. The sign of the fishes need that fiery bluster and clown-professor to tell the joke to distract those who might begin to take their adaptable watery ways for weakness. To serve the collective vision of our shared culture moves their flow closer towards home, similar to spawning salmon.^

by Quan Tracy

Quan Tracy Cherry is a Metaphysician, finding channels in astrology, numerology and tarot. Quan is available for private readings and consultations. Find him at  www.beliefisnotrequired.com or on Facebook.