Double Take: Traditional Style and Contemporary Style

Have you ever been out-and-about when you come across a piece of furniture that speaks to you and you do a double take?

You carefully eye it top to bottom and finally say to yourself, after much contemplation, “I have to buy this beauty. It’s the perfect fit for the open space in the living room!” You further justify the purchase with logic your mother taught you, it provides storage and is a wonderful decorative piece. Then that little voice in my head whispers “but it’s not really my style”. Well today’s style bends yesterday’s decorating rules and allows for many different layers of style telling a story or showcasing your personal unique style. So if you love it, go for it!

Antique buffets are readily available in today’s market as I have chosen to feature today. Here the buffet is decorated in two variations, there’s no right or wrong here. Which style are you?


WORDS – Cheri Nations & Felecia Morris
PHOTOS – Patti Klinge