Dustin’s DIY – Scrap Plant Shelf

Simple odds and ends combine to make a minimal, artistic shelf.
By Dustin Bates

The sight of these paint strainers usually makes me cringe because it means I’m painting, which is not my favorite part of home construction and remodeling. But it was fun to re-imagine these as part of a shelf installation.

I used a simple square spindle as a base and wrapped the strainers around the back, reshaping them slightly. It was a matter of simply drilling through the strainers and attaching them to the wood. I stained the spindle and spray painted the strainers to give the shelf a cohesive look. You can attach it straight to a wall with screws or wrap it with twine as pictured.

The shelves are not the strongest, so simple succulents or air plants are best, which compliments the simple design.

On Trend


DIY scrap wood projects are all over the Internet for fall. Try this simple idea with a piece of extra moulding.

Cut the wood to desired lengths and create these bewitching pumpkins.

We found the perfect Halloween color of paint at Habitat ReStore. We love that this piece of moulding was already primed, so after we painted with the top coat, it was easy to rough them up and let the white shine through in places.

We drilled holes in the top and added some twine and Halloween-y knobs from a hobby store.

The sky’s the limit with how you can customize your own DIY pumpkins for your fall décor. Have fun!

Dustin’s DIY is sponsored by Habitat for Humanity Kansas City Restore.

Dustin started Varsity Construction after graduating college in 2005. He builds new construction and remodels homes. He also builds small furniture pieces in his spare time. If you have a DIY construction project you’d like him to discuss, send it to erin@vintagekcmag.com.