By Megan Kapple
(As seen in the summer 2012 vintage events article)

Here’s a quick, fun and versatile little project for you. I have made a few different variations of these for a variety of occasions. Read on to find out how to make an easy felt garland!

First you will need to find some felt and cut it into circles. You can just trace around something circular to make a template, and then use that for cutting your circles.

You can make your circles one size, or do different sizes to mix things up.

Next, choose a neutral color of thread that will blend with all of the colors.  Gray or tan would be a good choice. All you are going to do is grab your circles, head to the sewing machine and sew them all together in a line.  I just do one stitch right down the center.

And you are done. See? I told you it was super quick and easy. Hang up your garland for a party, or as a fun seasonal spot of color on your mantle.

You can even break it back out for Christmas and put it on your tree!

Experiment with different shapes and materials. I’ve made many of these garlands with cardstock for parties.  I love easy ways to add color to my life!

Happy creating!