DIY Divination

By: Quan Tracey Cherry

Welcome to my first column for VintageKC. It will reveal itself as something different than the usual excellent offerings of VKC.

When you think “Vintage” also envision “Roots,” and think of this as a contemplative column to balance out our attachment to our smartphones and abbreviated human connection.

Not more than ninety years ago to see a psychologist or psychiatrist was considered taboo. Let’s look at a vintage psychologist as an astrologer, shaman, midwife or even a priest. Any open-minded psychologist will honor that astrology predates and is its progenitor. The “soul word” or “psyche logos” and “star word” or ”astro logos” are intimately connected. Vintage western astrology got its beginning in the late 19th century because newspaper editors wanted to fill up their column inches.

Likewise, I want this column to be a bridge, a healing, as it were to get us speaking to each other about what really matters. Does the fact that you are a Taurus or Sagittarius matter? Yes, however, your star words must be delivered in relational context. Like soul words of “persona,” “subconscious” or “projection,” these are relational. Could you imagine the very things you place value upon in VintageKC magazine tied to our fore-parents using such soul words? If you are looking to the things created in the past, why not look to the star words of the past? Each of us has a birthday. Each of us has an elemental make up.

Each of the four elements is either masculine (yang) or feminine (yin). I’ll use yang and yin to trick your mind into transcending thinking feminine/yin energy cannot be located within a male body, or vice versa. Refusing to accept we are a combination of both is like saying we only exhale (yang) or inhale (yin) . . . yet we breathe in and out like we are both yang and yin.

When our ancestors looked up to the sky, they told stories about our souls. Our individuality existed within a community. It is a relatively recent phenomenon that individuality was a focus for each soul within a community, family or tribe. In true Vintage DIY, we must reinstate time to contemplate the nature of our souls. We must root ourselves at the intersection of Individuality and Collective Roads. Our souls as our witness to the decisions we make; our souls contain our history, collective and individual. If we truly want to DIY, we have to temper our extreme connection to the individual and its narcissistic leanings. Yoga, meditation, prayer and active daydreaming can all be considered “vintage.”

In asking, “What is Your Vintage?” think of the fire element as the Sun sign.

The fire element shows itself through Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Our souls show through our Moon signs. On a practical level the Moon influences how you nurture others aka mothering, eating habits and even your connection to the past and relationship to your home. Realize astrology is a language that uses scientific measurements, and an art form. If you’re astrologically schooled enough you will know two things: the four elements and your Moon sign. FEAW, Fire, Earth, Air, Water. I’ll be a human who can help you.

Vintage Fire (Intuiting)

Vintage fire has very little patience for ambiguity. It wants to act and act now! The worst thing you can do to someone of this element is to want more information. Their visions are full of possibilities. However, when they are truly acting from vision, their Vintage selves have studied the practical and physical shortcomings of their tribe. Aries examines those in authority in order to challenge said authority when they have ceased taking in new and worthwhile info. Leo wants to have simple luxuries based on their own value system, so Vintage Leo can be extremely resistance to any other perspective. Vintage Sag can compartmentalize like nobody’s business almost to a point of speaking out of both sides of their typically large mouths seemingly to not know truth, when really they want to serve all.

Vintage Earth (Sensing)

Vintage Earth (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) has the additional burden of being curious about everything, particularly when Virgo is involved. The proverbial “jack of all trades, master of none” can be found for those with prominent Virgo in a Vintage world. Capricorn has a knack for control, focus and delegation. A needing to be right, diplomatic and conforming runs their past loving selves. As a matter of fact, Capricorn is the sign (along with their opposite, Cancer) that has the pattern of vintage within their souls. These two signs begin seasons (so they want to get us going, motivating us to action), but their element earth and water are attuned to the past. It can get a bit cra, cra, for sure. Taurus has a hidden eccentric side to them that channels the future of the planet within their very practical natures. Cheap or frugal has a lot to do with value judgments, but they ultimately see a Vintage world based upon true communal living…good luck with that.

Vintage Air (Thinking)

Vintage Air (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) with all its intellectual prowess, knows on some level an emotional component must be projected for any true past to present to future living to occur. These reasonable people who like the yang, masculine fire signs of Sag, Aries and Leo can easily be seen as “broad, not necessarily deep.” Aquarius is likely to have the most depth in Vintage world because they are so connected to what has to be sacrificed for our collective future, no dystopian visions allowed, ok? Libra has to feel like they belong to a hodgepodge family of their own creating. Is said family dysfunctional, well, hell yeah…how can you mediate with a bunch of folk who have no conflicts? Now, that does not mean that the scale-bearer won’t create a conflict or two…and, Gemini has a duality of feeling that’s usually called “mixed feelings” and the more they believe in nothing from the past, the worse off they usually are.

Vintage Water (Feeling)

Vintage Water of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces have to come to grips with their ego and the ensuing attachments. Cancer can be too warrior like, ready to throw away the past because of some present wound or slight, taking too much too personally. I sense the phrase, “throw the baby out with the bath water” was a Vintage Cancer action. (If you go estate shopping with them, be clear about what you want, resist the temptation to let their grunts or silence judge you). Scorpio in their vintage form must save face at all costs. When evolved their hearts shine like a sunny day in Seattle, wanted, but not anticipated and joy abounds. In the Vintage Pisces world, they can sometimes believe the stories they tell (can you really explain religion?). The influence these people yield make a right wing broadcaster humble themselves because when the last sign of zodiac recognizes what is valuable from the past (and expresses it), angels take notice.

What Do You Think? More Vintage Contemplation Points

What if there was a ban on new products and you could not make or buy new materials, what would you make or buy? Does your shared piece of vintage living make your day full of joy and gratitude? How can you make more time for contemplation about what really matters? How does your Vintage self influence your vintage purchase? ^ Quan Tracy Cherry is a Metaphysician, finding channels in astrology, numerology and tarot. Quan is available for private readings and consultations. Find him at or on Facebook.