DIY Burned Wood


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Wooden spoons are an easy find at thrift stores and estate sales, and usually cost $.50 or less. Their versatility make them great objects for crafting and decorating. Wooden cutting boards are also usually in abundance and fun to upgrade.

There are lots of ways to update wooden spoons and cutting boards to liven up your kitchen. Handles can be dipped, dyed, wrapped in vintage fabric, stamped, painted, or decoupaged with vintage images.

Spoons can be upcycled as plant markers in the garden, puppets for the kids, unique gift sets, chandeliers, bird perches, musical instruments, or just fun decorations.

We’ve been wanting to try our hands at wood burning, and this was a great opportunity, as burning is a food-safe way to upgrade kitchen items.

We purchased an inexpensive wood burning tool at a hobby store for around $8 with a coupon. It comes with four tips for various wood burning techniques.

If you’ve never used a wood burning tool before (or even if you have), it’s a good idea to sketch your designs with a pencil before making it permanent. We found a cute fox design online that we used as inspiration to freehand this design. You can practice on scrap wood, but we found the tool very easy to use.

Hopefully this will be the only burned things in the kitchen this fall!

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