Cleaning by Six Classifications

By: Quan Tracey Cherry

Continuing with the overarching theme that astrology is vintage to psychology: We can use Feng Shui Principles of our physical environments reflect our inner states. Yes, our physical spaces reflect our inner realities. Why do some of us procrastinate around getting rid of clutter and others become obsessive? What are some of the “cleaning” traits that your astrological chart can demonstrate? How can we use this vintage language to offer each other more compassion and less judgment?

Helping us along is our ability to understand how to clean our physical environments. I present six classifications. If you know your Rising or Moon Signs, this will give you additional insight to which classification weighs in more.

Procrastinators, Hoarders, Replacers (mix of Hoarders & Garage Sale Lovers), Garage Sale Lovers, Environmentalists and Minimalists
The Procrastinators are usually those born under the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed is astrology’s way of saying stubborn. However, when positively framed, fixed signs are concentrated balls of energy. Once you get them started they will complete the tasks of cleaning the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and oven. It is only that folks at rest tend to stay at rest. My suggestion to these born in the middle of the season people is to separate the spring cleaning into smaller and more manageable sections. Do the oven one day, get to the cabinets two days later, and give yourself a day of relaxation in between. If this is not possible, then rest in between the tasks. Libra, being the most neutral of all 12 signs, can be found in this classification, particularly if the Libran soul is flying solo. However, with a more assertive partner, Librans will be less likely to procrastinate in almost any area of their life, including spring cleaning.

The Hoarders may be found in any of the 12 astrological signs. Usually Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and sometimes Scorpio can be in this group that sees some use in every object within their homes. Spring cleaning for the Hoarders will go easier, if they can go through their closets, storage areas and let go of anything that they have not worn, touched or used within the last 18 months. Cancers may have the most difficulty as they tend to be sentimental about what the clothing or objects mean to them (Caps & Scorpio too, but they hide these “mushy” feelings better).

In First Nation lore, the “give away” belongs to the Turkey animal medicine and it makes room for new sustainable abundance in all areas of your life. I would need to know your entire chart to more accurately assess a tendency to hoard. For example, those with Jupiter Retrograde or Saturn in the second or fourth houses (or Taurus or Cancer) would have a potential to hold onto things possibly based on a poverty consciousness or misplaced philosophical self-depreciation.

Hoarders are kissing cousins to the Replacers. The Replacers usually want new things before the old objects have fully served their use, so at times they have redundancy that clutter their homes, garages and basements, even renting storage bins. The signs that have immense enthusiasm about adding to their living spaces are the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These signs begin the seasons to which they belong. Along with Taurus, Gemini and Sagittarius (sometimes Virgo), they cannot pass by a sale, be that in a store, online or one in a garage. Although they want what’s new and convenient, they can equally have an eye on what’s valuable and stands the test of time. For the Replacers, I suggest they analyze how long the object has before it is obsolete. Also, it may be best to learn how to better clean their wood floors, area rugs and carpets, before buying some new simply because they have the impulse to buy something new. If there are any Aquarian Replacers, they will usually be concerned about the landfills taking on thrown away objects or harmful chemicals used while cleaning.

Garage Sale Lovers are usually concentrated in the physically conservative signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. If it called an “Estate Sale,” then Leos and Scorpios will be more likely to be attracted. It is not that these two signs are snobbish per se, it is only that Leo likes the story behind what’s being sold and Scorpio is connected to anything that smells of an inheritance. Librans will go to these sales, particularly when invited by a close friend or when it may help with advancing their careers. If you can convince Sagittarians or Pisces individual that the Garage Sale will be an adventure, then they can usually muster up the enthusiasm to join. Geminis will investigate garage sales in their immediate neighborhoods or if they are driving home and they spot one on their way.

The Environmentalists make their way through each of the 12 signs too. The last four signs of Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces have a transpersonal focus. Transpersonal signs are “beyond personal.” Their mission possible, should they decide to accept it, is to discover their identities through serving larger aspirations, goals, communities and dreams than just their own egocentric desires. Gaia, as a living organism, muses as background music. The Environmentalists are prone to use natural products in their spring cleaning, like baking soda and vinegar in their washing machines instead of buying a commercial product cleanser. Taurus and Scorpio are usually no slouch in becoming Environmentalists. But, as my Aquarius partner said of my Scorpio black ass about 8 years ago, “I have environmental tendencies…” Ouch. You do not mate with an Aquarian, if you don’t want transparent honesty.

Depending upon the associations of Gemini and Libra, you can get an avid recycler or someone who throws away everything. Virgos are also a mix lot because, these service oriented, exacting souls may sometimes accept the values of their families and communities and pollute through a “go along to get along” mentality. Although this signs has need for order and cleanliness in all areas of their lives and proper stewardship of the Earth can be their value too. Cancers and Leos will sometimes see the environment as a legacy to their families so they will be loyal to this classification as long as you make it a personal passion for them. Make it real, leave the abstractions to the air signs.

Last and certainly not least are the Minimalists (pun intended). Originally, I thought of this classification as a subset of the Environmentalists. Yet, as I wrote this blog, I realized that the Minimalists oversee the Environmentalists who then need to guide the other four classifications. In an ideal world, we should be living in tiny homes or tinier homes, taking up the least amount of space. Spring cleaning needs to be connected to our carbon footprint. How idealistic is that? More importantly, how realistic? I have had the good fortune to have met some Minimalists who have joy and passion in their lives. They tend to populate the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio with a smattering of Aquarius and on-the-go Aries pioneers. Their homes may be sparse, but their hearts are large. Minimalists tend thrive on shared experiences. A number of Venus retrograde souls (who were born to stand their ground against social mores and consumerism) can be found under this classification.^

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