Debby from Oklahoma City asks:
Before calling a designer to come to my home, what are some of the things I should do to prepare for the consultation (what should I tell them about my vision; what are the things they look at first to get a feel for the client’s style)?

Answer: I recently received an email from a client and I believe she put it best: “I think that fear strikes when a person worries that his/her ‘new style’ won’t fit well, won’t represent them correctly. That we will lose our old self. In reality, we don’t lose our old self … we incorporate who we’ve always been and what we love into a fresh, current, in-the-now style. We bring our whole selves into it, and our style reflects that – with your help.”

Some of my ideas you will embrace, others you will reject. But, you can do so with confidence, knowing it will all come together beautifully and be in the best of taste – your taste. My ultimate goal is to make your space both beautiful and comfortable; one you are both proud to show friends and family and eager to come home to.

A few specifics to keep in mind in preparing an appointment with an interior designer are:

1. Take a look at your furniture, paint colors, etc., and think about what is and what isn’t working for you (what you like and what you don’t like).
2. How you would like to use the space.
3. Look through magazines to find pictures of rooms you like, or things you don’t like.
4. Have both a realistic timeline and budget.

Deb’s “What’s hot for fall” advice
1. Glamour – sumptuous fabrics, sophisticated colors, curves.
2. Metallic leather – (elegant and durable)

3. Pleats in upholstery; sectionals are huge
4. Statement dining tables
5. Green design – how much greener can you get than repurposing?