ART of Fashion

Jacqueline Corzine, a local Kansas City fashion illustrator who in the 1950’s through 1970’s rendered advertising illustrations for local department stores, Wolf Brother’s and Herzfeld’s. Corzine later taught fashion illustration at Johnson County Community College through the 1990s. These illustrations date back to the 1960’s. Ms. Corzine’s vintage illustrations shown here are courtesy of the fashion department at Johnson County Community College.

Our search at a vintage clothing shop turned-up similar styles (shown in the photos) of vintage apparel that echo Ms. Corzine’s designs. Completing the fashion cycle, you may find these same trends current today on the spring 2018 runway.

2018 Runway Designs:
Céline, Trench Dressing
Gucci, Jumpsuit
Christopher Kane, Checks


Fashionable ladies of the past would most notably have worn this Harzfeld’s check coat to the office, church or informal evening outings. Today’s trendy gal is bold and follows her own sense of fashion; whether it’s a casual girls night out or maybe a shopping adventure.




Fashion: Cheri Nations
Photorapher: Gabriel Grosko
Model: Ally Delmar
Vintage Apparel: Nostalgia Vintage Apparel & Accessories