Amy Howard at Restoration Emporium

The creator of the Amy Howard at Home line of paints offered painting and small business advice to start 2016

By Calli Green

amy howard event 071

This past January, Restoration Emporium in Kansas City’s West Bottoms brought Amy Howard, creator of Amy Howard at Home to Kansas City for a business, paint and finish workshop.

Attendees included many local furniture refinishers and small business owners from the KC area.

Amy not only demonstrated painting techniques for guests, she also shared many ways to help small businesses grow and become successful in what they love to do.

Amy coached that guests should find their “hedgehog”—a perfect mixture of passion, an economic engine and “what you can be better at than anyone else”—to drive their passion. Early on in Amy’s career, her father had asked what could separate her from the “big guys” doing what she wanted to do. Amy told him that she knew her “hedgehog” was in finishes, and said she knew she could have better finishes than anyone in the market. She knew she had reached success when President Clinton’s family hired her.

“Live in the joy of the journey … it’s about the journey,” is Amy’s biggest message to those who know what they are good at, and are making a business out of it.

While Amy touched on other business advice such as the bell curve and gifts mixed with passion, she showed guests how to use her products to make the prettiest finishes and products. VintageKC even took home some Amy Howard at Home paints to repurpose a table (Thanks Restoration Emporium!).

We chatted with Amy after the event and asked her what she thinks is the biggest challenge facing small businesses. “It’s the fear factor of going ‘all in,’” she said. “It’s recognizing that you have to be ‘all in’ with your business, and finally saying ‘this is do or die’ and doing it.”

If you aren’t familiar with Amy Howard’s products yet, be sure to stop by Restoration Emporium and try them for yourself. Her products really are made with love—a love for life, business, and others. We truly believe that those who succeed are ones that are out to help, while sharing their passion.

VintageKC was happy to attend RE’s event, and we definitely think you shouldn’t miss the next one! Follow Restoration Emporium on Facebook, Instagram (remporium) or Twitter (@REmporium) for notifications of future events.