9/23/15 :: Fall is Here!

Erin_smBy Erin Shipps

You guys… I have some great news!


But I know, it’s still 80+ degrees outside. I’m patiently (or impatiently) waiting for boot weather (let’s be honest, I wear boots the second it gets lower than 80 degrees), apples and pumpkins, the absence of tiny winged pests, and holidays. We had some great summer vacations this year, but in my world, there is no more welcomed season than fall.

My family moved into a 1957 ranch this summer. We left our first home, a 1940s gem where we brought home our first baby and honed our skills as homeowners. Those skills included learning hard lessons about expensive repairs and crazy mishaps like rotten trees falling in our back yard and miraculously narrowly missing the structures there. But boy did we love that house.

The new house is sprawling. It takes me three times as long to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom. And I feel spoiled. It has a beautiful garden that is still blooming and from what the power company guy told us (without being asked), the black gum tree in the front yard is to be spectacular this fall.

Watch for more updates on house projects in future blog posts. It’s been a while since we had this much to do on a house! First task: covering all the pink paint. It’s everywhere. Like, even in the basement storage room. Just … why though? It makes me laugh.

If you haven’t already, check out our Fall Decor Pinterest board for some awesome inspiration as you’re beginning to decorate for the season.

And if you’re heading out this weekend, do yourself a favor and check out the The Fleeting Flea or mosey around the Weston Red Barn Farm.

Have fun friends!

P.S. Comment below and tell me what fun things you did this summer and the fun plans you have for fall!