Happy Wednesday friends!

This past Monday I celebrated my 34th birthday. Celebrated meaning I spent the morning with my son’s Kindergarten class at the KC Pumpkin Patch. I like to live it up.

But AFTER those shenanigans, my darling husband of 12 years (if you’re doing the math, I was totally a young bride who got reallllly lucky my high school sweetheart turned out to be so nice) 😉 took me to Lone Elm Antiques in Olathe for a little birthday retail therapy. He’s a keeper I tell you.

I’ve been looking for some specific pieces for the new house and I love, love, love the variety at Lone Elm and owner Jana is always so helpful and welcoming when I walk through the door!

As for the birthday treasures I found:



— I am so in love with the blanket in the first pic. I’ll hang it on a wall and pet it and love it and call it my precious. Is that weird?

— The second pic shows the cutest little rustic bench that was the perfect size for our front porch. The pumpkins love it, obviously.

— Lastly, I love holiday decor shopping at vintage and antique stores because the prices are usually very reasonable and the items are unique. Take my new Batgirl picture for example. Bet you can’t guess the price. $5! That’s right, that framed, cheeky, trick-or-treating vintage Batgirl is the perfect, inexpensive addition to my fall entryway. Oh hey, look closely, that’s some vintage grass cloth wallpaper behind that entry way display. Ha! Did I mention I love my new house?

I think birthday shopping was a big success. That darling husband also gifted me a custom makeup set from Ashley Nelson Studios, which will come in about a month. I’m completely inept at makeup, so I love when I get to take advantage of the talents of Ashley Nelson; she’s wonderful!

Now, on to birthday month, because October is by far my favorite month, and we all know our birthdays should last way longer than one day. Let’s be honest.

Until next week friends … enjoy this awesome weather! And please, comment below with your favorite birthday shopping location!